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A quick dinner

steak-sandwichSaturday night I didn’t feel much like cooking.  This steak sandwich is way easier than almost anything to slap together and it can be different each time it’s made simply because of the ingredients at hand.  Saturday night in the fridge there was a nice top sirloin grilling steak, some salad mix and some lovely strong grainy Dijon.  Add some grilled onions and a french baguette and you’re set.  

After I take the steak off the grill, I like to throw the baguette on (usually with a bit of butter).  Slice the steak thinly, arrange steak, onions, lettuce on the grilled bread, add your dijon and dinner is served.

For my Irish Nana

It’s funny, I never really think of my Nana as my Irish Nana – except on Saint Patrick’s day.  My Nana was just nana – the best Nana.  She made the best grilled cheese in the universe, she let me take sips of her Fuzzy Navels, she let me “do” her hair for hours and always said it looked fabulous, she was always looked so well put together and she made you money cake on your birthday.  Nana always knew exactly where the quarter was in the money cake, that was always the first slice and always for the birthday girl (or boy).  I always found this amazing.  Everyone else would be pulling out pennies and nickels and there I was every birthday (until the quarter was a loonie and I was 18) pulling out quarters.  Nana also loved Saint Patrick’s day, being Irish and all.  She wore green head to toe, counted down it’s impending arrival like some do for Christmas.  I miss her.  So, on this Saint Patrick’s day I raise a warm mug of green tea to my Nana.  Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

Nice slow cooked beef stew

Nice slow cooked beef stew

For the past few hours a stew has been cooking.  I got stew meat on sale, which is always a good reason to make a stew – especially when it’s chilly outside.  This time I made my stew a little differently, I added rutebega and also substituted some of the beef stock for a good dry red wine.  Stew is really moisture added to meat, vegetables and potatoes – all in nice perfect bite-sized morsels.  The slow and low simmer is really the key, patience I guess – which when it comes to food, sometimes I lack.  Well, who’s kidding who? Sometimes I lack patience in general – but I’m learning:)  And I figure start with food.   

I always leave the skins on my potatoes, it adds a great flavour and crunch.  The rutebaga was a nice addition, although I’ll wait to see how I feel after a few more bowls.  The red wine definitely adds a richness to it, which I really enjoy.   One thing I would never change about stew is how I eat it.  Eating stew has always been the same ritual – my second last bite is always beef, the very last is my favourite…the potato.    If there was only one food I could take to a dessert island, it would be potatoes. 

The base recipe I use for making any stew, whether it’s a curry stew or the classic comes from The Complete Canadian Living Cookbook – which is a handy book to have in the kitchen.   Enjoy a potato, eat a good stew:)


Hermann and the MoosSometimes I forget how old I am.  Sometimes I drink more wine than I should on a weeknight.  Sometimes I wish a money tree really did grow in the backyard.  I figure having things, wishes, feelings, foods that are “sometimes” is good.   If we didn’t indulge in the sometimes, we wouldn’t really appreciate everything else.  Sometimes I wish my hair would grow faster and then I remember how much I pay for my “natural blond” and think it’s nice how slowly it grows – it’s cheaper.  Sometimes I wish we lived further out in the country – with a big barn and a HUGE field full of veggies and maybe some animals.  Sometimes I think that would be nice.  What’s funny is, I thought moving out to the country I would sometimes wish to be back in the city – the thought has yet to cross my mind.  Sometimes when I am leaving the city, having been at a friend’s house for dinner, visiting my parents or in for a meeting, I think to myself “ugh, life is much better in the country!”  I’m a city girl gone country – welcome to my world.